T-Mobile Faces Major Data Breach — 90GB of Data Exposed!

T-Mobile Faces Major Data Breach — 90GB of Data Exposed!

T-Mobile Faces Third Data Breach

T-Mobile, a brand under Deutsche Telekom, is grappling with its third major data breach this year, raising concerns about the security of its systems.

Data Breach Details

Threat actors have posted a database on a cybercriminal forum, claiming that it contains data stolen in April 2023. The stolen data includes employee credentials, partial Social Security numbers (SSNs), email addresses, customer data, T-Mobile’s sales and analytics data, and more.

Post on Cybercriminal Forum

The post advertising the data leak is titled "T-Mobile, Connectivity Source." Connectivity Source is an authorized retailer of T-Mobile, serving customers at T-Mobile branded stores.

Legitimate Data

 Cybernews research suggests that the sample data posted by the attackers appears legitimate. However, the exact contents of the leaked dataset remain unconfirmed.

Massive Data Breach

The breach involves a massive amount of data, totaling 90 GB, according to reports.

Previous Data Breaches

T-Mobile has experienced multiple data breaches in recent years. In March 2023, shortly before this breach, the company disclosed a cyberattack that may have exposed T-Mobile account PINs, SSNs, full names, and other data. In January 2023, another breach impacted 37 million cell phone user accounts.

History of Data Breaches

T-Mobile's history of data breaches includes a significant incident in August 2021 when personal data for over 100 million of its users was leaked.

Ongoing Concerns

These recurring breaches raise ongoing concerns about T-Mobile's data security measures and its ability to protect customer and employee information.

Investigations Continue

Investigations are ongoing, and further details about the extent and impact of this latest data breach are awaited. Customers and stakeholders will be closely monitoring developments in this matter.